July 11, 2012

Prize sponsor spotlight: The Brooklyn Brewery


Yes, I'll get to that in a moment. First, we're less than a week away from the end of the drought: There has been no NYC Big Quiz Thing for the public in over a month, but I think we got some really good excuses…primarily that the last public NYC show was (ahem) ten hours long. But it ends on Tuesday, the 17th, when we return to Littlefield in Brooklyn (buy advance tickets, why don't you?). Lots of fun planned for that night: DJ GB will be in the house, we're bringing back a video-puzzle gimmick called "The Classic Commercial Quiz," and—as always—scads of prizes. I've told you about tickets to Triassic Parq, but also…

What can I say about Brooklyn Brewery? If you imbibe alcoholic beverages with any NYC pride whatsoever, you know that nifty logo so well. But some trivia…

—The logo was created by Milton Glaser, a founding member of the NYC Graphic Design Hall of Fame (I'd figure): He's the dude behind the ubiquitous "I [heart] NY" logo. Quite the pedigree.

—The BB brewery is a former matzo factory in Williamsburg, which is about as NYC as you can get, at least from my Jew-boy perspective.

—Brooklyn used to be a beer epicenter, with dozens of homegrown breweries claiming true New York cred in the late 1800s and early 1900s (it was crawling with German immigrants, don't forget). Over the decades, as beer became less central to American, and thus New York life—for a long time, beer was pretty much the only potable beverage available to average joe—these BK breweries fell by the wayside, till Kings County was bereft of local factories by the 1980s. (Prohibition helped too.) It was late '80s when a couple of local smart-asses decided to revive the tradition in their own charmingly small way, and thus, a legend was born. It's now available nationwide, the Brewery itself hosts tastings and manifold other events, and it seems you can't find an exposed-brick tavern in this town without the fine malty beverage of at least one tap.

And yes, the Brewery is generously sponsoring next week's BQT: We have a big, fat gift certificate for one lucky team. Learn more about Brooklyn Brewery here, of course, and be there next week. Beer, I tell you! Beeeeerrrr!!!