July 20, 2012

L.A. prize sponsors: The Twylight Zone and Segway tours!

A little more than two days till our next Los Angeles edition—now every damn month!—and we've got a couple of hot new sponsors to tell you about…

Are you like me? Did you spend your entire Independence Day watching the Syfy network's Twilight Zone marathon, because that's how you like to celebrate freedom? Then check out Four Letter Theatre Co.'s The Twylight Zone: The 6th Dimension (A Parody), playing now at Studio Stage. A quartet of TZ's many legendary episodes, adapted for the stage and for the funny bone: "Night Call" (the one in which the old lady gets phone calls from her dead husband), "Nick of Time" (Shatner is obsessed with a fortune-telling machine in a diner), "A World of His Own" (Keenan Wynn is a playwright with a magic dictation machine), and "The Hitch-Hiker" (a driver goes crazy seeing the same creepy hitchhiker no matter where she goes). It's getting solid reviews, but act fast: The show closes on Saturday, July 28. Relax, we'll make it easy for you: Come to this Sunday's BQT and you just may win a few tickets. Learn more about The Twylight Zone [sic, of course] on Facebook, or at fourlettertheatre.com. In the meantime, to get you in the mood, here are a couple minutes from my favorite funny TZ episode: "The Bard," wherein Shakespeare travels through time to write TV scripts, and madcap high jinks ensue, including a young Burt Reynolds imitating Marlon Brando:

Also on the prize tip, this is a fun one: Segway tours!

Courtesy South Bay Mobile Tours, you get to experience the L.A. area via the transportation of the future. (Am I crazy, or when the Segway was first introduced, were people predicting that within a few years hardly anyone would ever walk again? We'd all be completely immobile, reliant on this technology to get around? I'm crazy, aren't I?) As South Bay's website puts it…

"Cruise from South Redondo Beach (Riviera Village) down to the Strand around the Redondo Beach pier and marina. You will be steps from the ocean!  Enjoy this guided Segway tour along the beach with the sun in your face and the wind in your hair!"


The last couple weeks, the weather in NYC has been either scorching and miserable or rainy and miserable, so this is hella enticing. And we got a couple passes for a few of the high-scoring teams on Sunday night. (Hey, I bet if I flew out and played the game, I'd do pretty well.)

Plus, our excellent venue, Busby's East, is tossing in a $25 gift card. And of course, first place wins $200. Doors at 7pm, show 7:30. Truly, this will be the greatest night of your life, Los Angeles quiz fans. Savor and enjoy.


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