June 19, 2012

Quiz recap: California dreamin'

Sunday night was the fourth ever BQT in Los Angeles, and our second in the terrific Busby's East. I, of course, was not there, leaving the proceedings in the finely manicured hands of Mr. Daniel Halden. But it was on my mind, even haunting my dreams Sunday night, literally: Deep in my R.E.M. state, I dreamed that a strange woman called me, told me that Dan was sick and unable to come to the phone, and that the show was over—barely an hour after it started. And also, 733 people attended. I was stunned, naturally—really, 733 people? And with that many people, the show lasted only an hour? "You didn't skip some rounds, did you?" I asked.

In the waking world, Dan is not sick, and he gave me the full report yesterday: There weren't quite 733 people there, but the show was a raging success nonetheless. ("Last night was the bomb!" one fan tweeted.) Despite my absence, BQT L.A. features all our familiar quiz delights; we're focusing on the best of the show's movie-themed video puzzles out west, so we whipped out a little History of Film History, along with one of my all-time favorite audio rounds, The Palindrome Audio Round Audio Palindrome The. Fun had by all.

And prizes had by nearly all: We had an amazing lineup of goodies, besides the familiar $200 jackpot. Delights from sponsors L.A. Derby Dolls, Two Boots pizzeria, the Laugh Factory, Rogue Artists' D Is for Dog, Busby's itself and hey…some copies of Mockingjay! Nobody rewards seemingly pointless knowledge like the BQT.

But perhaps last night was most significant for including what just may be the greatest Smart-Ass Point in the history of the BQT. The questions was…

"What 2004 comedy film didn’t feature any white Christian characters who weren’t either antagonistic or crazy or disgusting?

The Smart-Ass answer: The Passion of the Christ. Perfecto.

And the finale: L.A. has its own version of the Fantastic Fournicators/Incontinental Congress (or the Quips team/Dead Person Kicks Ass for you Bostonites)—team Gelatinous Cube had one the previous two shows, and was gunning for a third, making it into the finale alongside Skokie's Barbershop Quartet and PCP with St. Peter Now. Alas, it was the latter that claimed victory, and thus a rivalry for the ages begins.

Thanks to all who made it possible. We're back at Busby's on another Sunday in July…exact date TBD due to various shenanigans, so stay tuned.


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