June 21, 2012


Do you like trivia games? Pretty stupid question for me to be asking, I know. You do, of course. Thus, this is for you…

Trivi.al is a new social-based quiz app for the iPhone from the geniuses at MobileFWD. Capitalizing on the mania for Draw Something, they've developed a turn-based quiz game that you can play with your Facebook friends or with random opponents drawn from the app's soon-to-be-expanding community. You have to answer a series of clever trivia multiple-choice trivia questions faster and more accurately (of course) than your opponent. Stumped? Handy power-ups and purchasable "Common Cents" (a-ha!) give you an edge that won't seem very trivial once you've become addicted to this damn thing.

In my personal experience, I've been sorely disappointed with quiz-related app offerings (though I know a few BQT fans on the Sporcle horse, and I admit to having dabbled in it myself). So Trivi.al seems very promising, especially in the social element, which gets at one of the most beautiful things, in my opinion, about the BQT—it's a way to get out of your tiny apartment and actually use your stupid knowledge to be a social animal as Allah intended.

People with far more knowledge about the realm of app games have already chimed in about Trivi.al (Gamezebo here, App Advice over here). And hey—it launches today! Hit iTunes to get the free edition right here, or the still-ridiculously-cheap $2.99 version right here. I'm right there with you, friends. A ridiculously high-energy teaser trailer…

And yes, in return for getting the word out, the folks at Trivi.al have generously stepped forward as BQT sponsors throughout the month of July, kicking in the cash jackpots for all three public editions of the show (NYC, L.A, and Boston). Prove their marketing strategy right and grab your virtual copy now!


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