May 16, 2012

This Sunday: LOS ANGELES!


As the Big Quiz Thing expands, we continue to crack that nut of the anti-NYC, New York's Earth-Three counterpart: Los Angeles. We enjoyed a tremendous L.A. debut there last year, with a follow-up gig several months later, and now we're getting serious: This Sunday we begin a little residency, doing one Sunday a month till July at the incredibly conveniently located (so this Right Coaster is told) Busby's East, at Wilshire and LaBrea.

When I tell folks about the BQT expanding westward, the most common response is that I'm insane. "Wait, you're getting on an airplane in order to entertain drunk geniuses with questions about fast food and pro wrestling?" No, I am not (and I'm taking a break from wrestling questions). The Los Angeles BQTs are among the very few events in the quiz's history that are not hosted by me; they are hosted by the brilliant, capable, and brilliantly capable Daniel Halden. Dan's been our CA representative for well over a year now; you are in excellent hands. Besides, look at how pretty that guy is—wouldn't you rather be quizmastered by him than me? (Insert your own joke about the meaning of the verb quizmaster.)

Of course, the content is classic BQT all the way: Since Los Angeles is the land of silver-screen dreams, we've been focusing on our best movie-based video puzzles, this edition featuring "The Same Name Movie Music Mash-Up." We also have the "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah/No, No, No" audio round, the Lightning Round, Smart-Ass Points for wrong but funny answers, etc., etc., etc.

And naturally, a big $200 grand prize, plus other fun stuff from our sponsors, including the Los Angeles Film Festival
It takes over downtown L.A.—yes, such a place exists—June 4 through 14, and we got tix to various events on tap for some of the winners. I mean, damn, the new Woody Allen movie is the opening-night selection! (To Rome with Love it's called. I didn't think it was possible for there to be a more Woody Alleny film title than Midnight in Paris, but there you go.) There has to be a  reason people move to Los Angeles, and this is basically it. More info about the festival right here.

Also—heh, I love this one—Nerds Like Us

What a great logo. NLU is a midnight film series at the Vista Theatre on South Sunset (which I've heard of, so it can't be too inconvenient); one Friday a month they whip out the films we people just can't get enough of (it was Monty Python and the Holy Grail last weekend, natch). And yes, this Sunday night, we got passes. FB page here.

Plus cookies, of course. We got L.A.'s best quiz night by a mile, I defy you to prove otherwise. It's this Sunday night, 7:30pm, followed by Sunday, June 17, and Sunday, July 15. Official details here, Facebook event right over here. Make your dreams a reality.

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