May 15, 2012

Quiz recap: Small drops of water cannot stop us

Ah, rain. The miserable drizzlable kept the throngs away from Oberon last night, resulting in our smallest Boston-area crowd in quite some time. If only there were some invention that enabled people to journey out into public despite water falling from the heavens. If only, if only…

Those present had, as always, a spectacular time, if I may be so bold. B-Cutie Katie and I even had an argument postshow whether this was a good or mediocre night for Smart-Ass Points, but I actually felt it was a rather banner evening. The Hollywood-star married couple that have different last names, both featuring a double-a? Angelina Jolieaa and Brad Pitaa. Willy Loman was "endowed, but now well endowed." And see this scene?

It was from Three Men and a Baby.

Interesting Boston-vs.–New York note: This question—"Per many scientists, plenty of dinosaurs are still alive; it’s just that we call them what?"—stumped the majority in NYC, but attracted nary a wrong answer in Mass. But the mystery theme of the Mystery Audio Round evaded nearly everyone last night, whereas there was a high degree of success when we tried the same one in Gotham last year. The theme, BTW, was Major League Baseball teams (They Might Be Giants, the National, the Thompson Twins, etc.); I don't know what this says about the eternal Yankees-Sox conflict, and honestly, eh, I don't care. ("My local group of shallow millionaires is superior to your local group of shallow millionaires!")

Pretty action-packed finale, as we went into it with a three-way tie for third place. (Still amazed that the only team to ace the first round, Team Blorgon, ended up in only tenth place!) But it came down to the eternal Boston BQT rivalry—the Quips squad (playing as I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your…Quips) and the Dead Person Kicks Ass!! contingent (reprezentin' for Adam Yauch, yo; as was DJ Run DMX with the perpetual Beastie Boys beats between rounds)—joined by semiregulars Cougarton Abbey (I'm just getting the joke now). Nobody put together which forthcoming film has a logo created in the '60s, despite not being a sequel, remake or TV adaptation, but the Deceased Ass Kickers finally triumphed by hazarding a correct guess on the aircraft named for the sound that's made when you strike it with your finger. (Yes, really. Well, probably.)
The standings: 

1. Adam Yauch Kicks Ass!!: Only four members
2. Cougarton Abbey
3. I Just Want Your Extra Time and Your…Quips
4. Back to the Fuchsia/The Monstrous Humanoids (tie)
6. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Nunnekamp
7. Guys & Dolls
8. Drink More…Please…
9. A Very Special Episode of Blossom
10. Team Blorgon

NEXT: We're back in four weeks, June 11, which will be B-Cutie Katie's final appearance! She's relocating to Chicago to set up the City of Big Shoulders edition of the BQT (yeah, that's why she's moving). Then we got July 30, but first…
You're coming down, aren't you? Everything you need to know, my friends.