May 9, 2012

Quiz recap: Brook-LYYYYN!!!

Hola, Brooklynites! Thanks for welcoming the BQT to your single-most-populous borough last night for our Kings County debut—yeah, after ten years in Manhattan, we finally gazed eastward. It was a pleasure entertaining you at Littlefield, a fine, cozy venue that we managed to fill despite the rain. Shall we return? Not unlikely, I would say.

So what happened tonight?

—A new edition of "The Bipolar Movie Challenge," everyone's favorite BQT video puzzle. Those are fun, right? For the record, we tried mashing up The Shawshank Redemption with Ernest Goes to Jail, but Tim Robbins and Jim Varney just didn't seem to want to cooperate with each other.

—Our guest DJ, Mr. Christopher Weingarten (a.k.a. Twitter star @1000TimesYes), brought the noise. Especially during his customized audio round, "Beastie Boys Bonus Beats." (RIP, MCA.) Moral of the story: The Beastie Boys sampled everything, even if we most of us can't remember in which songs exactly.

—Next week, the world receives The Dictator, the new film from Sacha Baron Cohen and his Borat director, Larry Charles. We gave away a boatload of passes to an advance screening, an took the occasion to put together a "So Spoke the Dictator!" four-part question. I guess I never before realized how distinctive Joseph Stalin's hairline was.

—Lots of new audience members tonight, which was the whole point of this Brooklyn endeavor. Yet inevitably, the nerds brought the pain: The finale pitted BQT powerhouses the Fantastic Fournicators against supergroup the Intercontinental Strippers against rising stars Taking the Mulligan. It took four questions, but the hybrid squad won, naturally, when Big John knew the six-letter word that was added to a two-letter magazine title in 2000. Huzzah.

The standings:
1. Incontinental Strippers
2. The Fantastic Fournicators
3. Taking the Mulligan
4. Gerard Depardouche
5. Mountain Dew
6. Does Sacha Baron Cohen Have a Movie Coming Out?
7. Romping Trollops
8. National Public Radicchio
9. Achievement First Thing Tomorrow
10. Inappropriate for Polite Company

Extra-special thanks to tonight's fine, fine sponsors: The Dictator, of course (in theaters May 16), along with the deliciously dark comedy now playing at the East Village's 9th Space, pool (no water); and of course, the taste-alicious wonder of Geek Treats.

NEXT: Apart from gigs in Boston and L.A., you mean? It's the big one…

Yep, we're less than a month away. Ten solid hours of quiz delights, guest performers, live music, and a $1,000 grand prize. And I've been training like a motherfucker, friends. Tickets on sale now!

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