May 2, 2012

Prizes: The Dictator

Brooklyn, this Tuesday night, May 8, the Big Quiz Thing completes its epically long journey across the East River for its first ever official, open-to-public, the-whole-shebang Brooklyn show (although the famed Big Quiz Truck was parked in the BK, and I recall a strangely raucous private party at the Brooklyn Children's Museum). We're at the classy, environmentally friendly Littlefield, 7:30pm, with special guest DJ Christopher Weingarten, a fresh batch of "The Bipolar Movie Challenge," and all the fun you've come to love and worship from the BQT.

And prizes! The usual $300 cash jackpot and other delightful stuff, plus tickets to a special May 10 screening of Sacha Baron Cohen's newest film, The Dictator.

So remember how much you loved this?

I saw Borat in Times Square—something I'm usually loath to do, because people just won't shut their traps, dammit—but it's worth it for a comedy like that. During the naked-chase scene, for example the crowd was almost literally hysterical; it sounded like someone had let snakes loose in the theater.

Having had his fill of harass-larity, Baron Cohen now presents a properly filmed and cast Hollywood comedy, The Dictator, again directed by Larry Charles. I'm told it's "the heroic story of a dictator who risks his life to ensure that democracy would never come to the country he so lovingly oppressed." Combine that with the fact that—no joke—it's a loose adaptation of a romance novel written by Saddam Hussein, and SBC maintains his reputation for being class all the way.

The trailer:

Also, check out this double-take-inducing website to fully immerse yourself in the Republic of Wadiya. The advance screening is Thursday, May 10, and we got a whopping ten passes for your victorious pleasure Tuesday night, along with a special Four-Part history question called "So Spoke the Dictator!" Tuesday, 7:30pm; buy your tix now, hipsters.


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