May 12, 2012

Marathon prize sponsor: Birch Coffee

The pieces are coming together for our Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon, and one big ol' piece is the prizes. Ten hours of multimedia quiz fun means ten hours of giving away good stuff, thanks to a panoply of prize partners, all of which we'll be telling you about in this space. And let us begin with something that will be especially important to me during my ten hours onstage: coffee.

One of Manhattan's premier independent coffeehouses, Birch Coffee is lefty granola hippie in all the best ways: They serve coffee from exclusively sustainable farms in Africa, Asia and Latin America; the physical architecture of the space is made from recycled material; everything in the place ends up in either your stomach or the compost heap. Not to mention a nice menu of locavore-friendly salads, sandwiches, breakfast food, etc., etc. They'll even deliver you a jug of iced coffee if you so desire. Plus, it's just a warm, comfy place to while away a NYC afternoon, I can tell you from personal experience.

Birch is physically located at 5 East 27th Street (in the fabulous Gershwin Hotel) and Internetly located here (including an online store). The BQT team had a powwow there not long ago, and we were so impressed, we asked them to join our sponsor pool for the marathon, and they gave us a major yes: We have a $100 gift card for one lucky team/player at the marathon. Learn more about Birch here, and get your tix to the marathon here. And wish me plentiful caffeine, friends.

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