April 9, 2012


Oh, yes. Big-time live quiz action again this evening, at crazy-sexy-cool venue of M1-5. We're rocking it out with "A Quick Tour of Talk Show History," "10 Syllables," "Have Some Chicken, Why Don't You?," "Classicus Motionus Picturus Quoti," the return of the Text-Message Challenge, and mind-boggling amounts more of the world's greatest live trivia. Plus, the $300 cash jackpot and a M.F.A. degree's worth of free theater tickets, to Silence! The Musical, My Sinatra, and Now. Here. This.

And, and, and: The Not-So-Secret Secret Clue…

Two start with I, one starts with K.

Use in good health, when I give the word. 7:30 tonight, superstars.