April 9, 2012

Recap: Happy Eastover!

So full disclosure, we've done a passel of Big Quiz Thing shows at M1-5 in the past year, and while it's in a primo location and has a cool vibe, it's never been my absolute favorite: too few seats, and those there are too distant from the stage. So it feels good to say that tonight felt like the best show yet at the venue, as we were firing on all cylinders. And it's all because of you, a fanny-kicking crowd if ever there was one. Bless you in this holiday season.

Speaking of which, this evening witnessed the return of the Text Message Challenge, with a religious theme: Now you know, gentiles, that Passover is an English word (and not the holiday's Hebrew name), and that your phone's auto-correct thinks you mean Peaches.

Our video puzzle, "A Quick Tour of Talk Show History," took us from the late '50s, with this nifty clip of Steve Allen getting all beatnik with Jack Kerouac…

…through local kitschmeister Joe Franklin amusingly interviewing the Ramones…

…to the present, with Chelsea Handler querying the woman one team IDed as "that bitch from The Hunger Games" (nope, not gonna embed). Except they were all at double speed, 'cause we're wacky like that. (Yes, shades of an earlier video puzzle, "A Quick Tour of Game Show History.") The audio round, "10 Syllables," got some gratifying feedback (and yeah, took a while to put together). Now I know, the word fire is officially one syllable, Fine Young Cannibals didn't have a The in front of their name, and "What's My Name?" was by Rihanna featuring…wait for it…Drake.

Some question highlights: I swore it was an April Fool's joke when I first read it, but yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito and Eddie Murphy are working on a very predictably titled sequel to a 1988 comedy, and I was impressed how many of you are familiar with the musical genre "chopped and screwed." (Enjoy this sample; not my cuppa, must say.)

But before we discuss the finale, a shout-out to our sponsors: our old friends at Geek Treats (supplemented by my Passover-cookin' mama), and a trio of supreme Off Broadway theatrical delights: Silence! The Musical, My Sinatra, and Now. Here. This.

Now then: There was many a tie in the final score tally, which led to a runoff for the third spot in the Three-Way Finale (alongside BQT legends the Fantastic Fournicators and Cash Cab for Cutie). Gerard Depardouche versus returning champs Incontinental Congress. The 'Douche pulled it out (um), and then, miraculously, won the Finale proper in a straight two questions, through the genius of its terrific trio, Steven, Buck, and Bridget. Boom!
The standings:
1. Gerard Depardouche
2. The Fantastic Fournicators
3. Cash Cab for Cutie
4. Incontinental Congress
5. Jefferson Davis Starship/Strippers for Stephen Hawking (tie)
7. Hulk Hogan's Hobos
8. Jews Against Jesus/Sugah Titz (tie)
10. Oh Noah You Didn't Redux

NEXT: We're trying Sunday again, returning to the site of a particular 2011 victory, Bowlmor Times Square (no bowling skill necessary), on Sunday, April 29. After that, it gets interesting: We're making our Brooklyn debut at last on Tuesday, May 8, then spending most of May working on the private circuit and out-of-town events, before the biggest BQT show ever! Details on all this and more are coming ever so soon. Believe it.


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