April 27, 2012

Prizes: Too many to name in the headline

Sunday night's quiz features a truly impressive prize haul (but doesn't it always…). We're returning to the palatial Bowlmor Times Square, 7:30pm, for your regular dose of major-league multimedia quiz fun. The goodies have come together a little last-minute, so let's handle it en masse, shall we?

SPiN New York

What do Susan Sarandon, the Olympics and one of my all-time favorite BQT questions have in common? Ping-Pong, of course. (The question: "What racket game gets its popular name from the sound the ball makes when you hit it?" You're welcome.) The erstwhile Louise Sawyer is an investor of SPiN New York, on East 23rd Street near Madison Square Park, the city's premier swanky lounge dedicated to one of the many Chinese-dominated events at the quadrennial international games. Way more than your cousin's basement rec room, SPiN is a sprawling lounge serving first-rank cocktails and an exclusive atmosphere—I'd say "only in New York," but there are probably a few places like this in Beijing, too. And for the second-place team at Sunday's BQT, we got a whopping $100 gift card, to use on whatever proportion of alcohol and table tennis you desire. Discover for yourself at spinyc.com.

Voca People
Returning to the BQT prize fold, one of New York's many truly unique theatrical experience, Voca People Off Broadway. A delightfully weirdo a cappella ensemble, visiting our planet from the farthest reaches of spaces, performs instrument-free and beat-box-heavy medleys of everything from Madonna to Mozart in an ingeniously bizarre stage production. For a taste, enjoy this passel of hits from the all-time greatest gay band beloved by fratboys, Queen:

Sunday night we'll be doling out two pairs of tickets to the show, now playing at A-list theater palace, midtown's New World Stages. See more at vocapeoplenyc.com.

I know how it is, quiz fans; it's a challenge balancing the brain-pickling effects of yum yum yummy beer with the need to stay sharp enough to meet the BQT challenge. But let down your guard just a little and visit Jimmy's No. 43. A pleasingly hip underground spot on 7th Street in the Eastiness of the East Village, Jimmy's features 12 snob-pleasing brew selections on tap and 27 more in bottles, plus a mucho satisfying menu of upscale pub classics (the burger holds its own with any you'd care to name in NYC). And a $50 gift certificate goes to Sunday's third-place team, which should be good for an ideal evening of brain- and stomach-stewing. Check it out at jimmysno43.com.

Then there are our old friends: the chocolate-chip delectability of Geek Treats (whose star baker, Ashley B., has been sucked into honest-to-goodness BQT fanhood, it turns out)…

 …and free passes to the big one: Our Tenth Anniversary Quiz Show Marathon, coming up fast (oh, geez) at 92YTribeca on Sunday, June 3. Ten years, ten hours, ten hundred dollar grand prize, and you can get in free if you score well this Sunday. (Or just buy your tickets now!)

And cash. Oh yeah, cash. See you Sunday night.