April 15, 2012

BQT schedule news

Because you care!

—The next Big Quiz Thing in NYC is Sunday, April 29. Yep, the Sunday at Hill Country worked pretty well, so we're thinking Sunday is the new Monday. Speaking of trying again, the location: Bowlmor Times Square, of the fantastic location and extra-fantastic, celeb-chef-cooked food. We had a particularly triumphant gig there last June and have been eager to return ever since, and now it's happening (in the newly remodeled space, even). Details on the Bookface here—we're featuring one of our favorite video puzzle gimmicks, "Rebus-O-Rama," plus all the other regular fun stuff. Come, have dinner, have fun, have at it.

—After that, May gets interesting. We will not being doing any public shows in Manhattan, I'm sad to say, but not all that sad, 'cause I have plenty to keep me busy: our regular monthly stand in Boston, the beginning of our new residency in Los Angeles, a passel of private gigs, and—bizarre but true—our debut in Brooklyn. It only took us ten years to cross the river, friends: On Tuesday, May 8, we're doing a big show at the hipster palace Littlefield. (I suppose it's in the Gowanus neighborhood, but glory, how many times do I have to say it? Brooklyn 'hoods have no official borders!) We'll be whipping out a brand-new edition of our single most popular video puzzle, "The Bipolar Movie Challenge," plus more fun, including our special guest DJ, Twitter celebrity Christopher Weingarten. 7:30pm, of course; FB invite here.

And beyond that…? Stay tuned to this space in the next couple days. 2012 is the BQT's tenth anniversary, and in June, we're going to be celebrating in a uniquely BQT manner: entertainingly, and in a way that leaves me completely exhausted. Dare to believe.