March 9, 2012

Sponsor spotlight: Thumbs Cookies AND Nerd Nite: The Magzine!

Monday night's BQT is going to be a big one, prizewise. To wit: We have 20, count 'em, 20 passes to a March 13 screening of Jeff, Who Lives at Home. But that is hardly all…

—Providing the customary sugary treats at this edition will be a new bakery sponsor, Thumbs Cookies. Besides being delicious, Thumbses are a-friggin'-dorable. Each cookie is ridiculously wee, packaged as a bunch in an oldy-timey glass jar. We got a few different flavors on offer, for three lucky teams (including last place halfway through, so don't be afraid to suck). Learn more at

Our old pals at Nerd Nite, New York's—nay, the world's—number one hipster-brainiac lecture series, continue to expand their empire to shameful proportions (shameful for the Big Quiz Thing, in comparison). Their newest realm of conquest: publishing. Issue 2 of Nerd Nite: The Magazine is hot off the presses, and we got a bunch of copies for all the top players. Featuring "a nerd guide to Philadelphia" (way better than my own version), fun and mature articles about urination and penises, various scientific delights, and a full report from one of the nation's greatest scavenger hunts. Plus advertisements, proof positive that the economy is coming back. More details at (And more about Nerd Nite in general, which does its thing every month in Brooklyn, at

Plus, naturally, the $300 cash jackpot. All as part of what's aiming to be one of our best quizzes in a while, featuring "The History of Film History," "Have You Been Paying Attention?," "Dead Person Fashion Show," the return of the Text Message Challenge, and Bex Schwartz in the sidekick position, live at the fabulous Le Poisson Rouge. 7pm Monday night, Not-So-Secret Secret Clue right here and on Twitter that morning. Genius!


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