March 20, 2012

Sponsor spotlight: On Location Tours

Spring in New York: Finally, your chance to enjoy the warm weather without the nagging fear that you're dancing on the grave of our overheated planet. It's time to hit the streets and realize the promise of this incomparable metropolis, to remember that if you spend all day cooped up in your apartment, you might as well move to Ohio and use the money you saved to buy a Ferris wheel.

One great way to take advantage of both warm weather and the uniqueness of NYC is via bus and walking tours. Yes, you are not a tourist, but how much do you really know about this city you call your own? How much can you possibly know? I'm proud to declare that we now have one of New York's (and Boston's, I notice) premier tour companies, On Location Tours, on the BQT-sponsor roster, and they want to help school you.

On Location specializes in tours for the pop culture addict, a.k.a. the Big Quiz Thing fan. They lead a variety of specialized entertainmentcentric jaunts, including a few TV-show-specific ones: Sex and the City, The Sopranos, Gossip Girl. (I'd love to see a Twilight Zone tour, but I'm not sure that would end well. Also, we'd have to go to Mars.) We're going to focus on the New York TV & Movie Sites expeditions, in which it all gets thrown into the hopper. You get to see the real spots behind Seinfeld, Taxi Driver, Spider-Man, Glee, The Godfather, Friends, the requisite Woody Allen, and oodles more. Plus, you get to feel superior to tourists, and ride in a killer bus. Three and a half hours of NYC fun, and you're out of the house being productive. (Read more about all On Location has to offer right here.)

The tour normally runs for $42 per person, but at this Sunday's (yes, Sunday's) BQT (at Hill Country Live), we have two passes, each for two people, to give to some lucky winners. The fun just refuses to stop, people.


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