March 26, 2012

Recap: Sunday—'cause that's my fun day

Happy Monday! Welcome to the working week, as we all recover from NYC's first Sunday-evening live quiz spectacular, back at the temple of protein deliciousness, Hill Country Live. Much fun was had, indeed.

The video puzzle, "The Quiz of Many Colors," was challenging but fun, and I suppose you could say the same of our audio round, "State the Capital." But I was especially happy with last night's Four-Part Questions: "Classic Video Games" was straightforward, but got a gracious response, so yes, bank on a full video puzzle before too long. As a side note, no, this is not Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!

It's just plain Punch-Out!! The Mike Tyson edition is this patently unfair body-size mismatch:

Is it me, or does Iron Mike's profile picture at the beginning make him look like the living dead?

The other Four-Parter, "Breast-Swelling Pal Crumbs," was a little more cryptic. Basically, just like "Breast-Swelling Pal Crumbs" is a rhyme for "Bestselling Albums," I gave you similar clues for four of the albums currently in the top ten of Billboard's chart. One entry I originally planned to include—and found quite amusing—but had to cut because it fell out of the top ten: High Low Phyllo Dough by Mold Tray.

Another deliciously figureoutable question: "What 1970s sitcom had an instrumental theme song, whose alternate non-instrumental version included the lyrics: “As I've indicated/They are never quite separated,/They are peas in a pod./Don't you think that it's odd?” True that: Watch and listen…

(Hard to hear? Full text lyrics here.)

Also liked this one: "What cut of steak shares its name with an article of clothing—even though it comes from higher up on the body than where the cow might wear said article of clothing?" Check it out:

A couple of great Smart-Ass Points tonight: "What Hollywood film, coming out this Friday, is the sequel to a movie with the exact same title, except for three letters?" Answer: Battlefield Earthier. And "What menu item at Wendy’s basically shares its name with a nickname for a U.S. President?" William "The Baconator" Clinton.

The finale featured old friends: Co–returning champs Incontinental Congress, Cash Cab for Cutie, and the Fantastic Fournicators. Exciting (the buzzers actually buzz!) but uneventful, as IC took it in three questions.

The standings:
1. Incontinental Congress
2. The Fantastic Fournicators
3. Cash Cab for Cutie
4. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
5. Gerard Depardouche
6. Fat Kids Have Better Cleavage
7. Hulk Hogan's Half-Pints
8. Inappropriate for Polite Company
9. Sugah Titz
10. Oh Noah Weekend Edition

Super-mega-thanks to our sponsors: Geek Treats, of course, and the fabulous On Location Tours. Four lucky fans win passes to their Movie & TV Sites Tour—can't do that in Dayton, Ohio, friends.

NEXT: We're back at M1-5, back on Mondays, on April 9. Beyond that, stay tuned…

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