March 12, 2012

Recap: Spoiler alert!

Spoiler alert: The superteam of übernerds won tonight's Big Quiz Thing. But really, you couldn't guess that anyway?

I ended up throwing out a few spoilers during tonight's big, big live quiz show at Le Poisson Rouge. For example: "In 1983, illusionist David Copperfield made the BLANK 'disappear' by putting the audience on a giant turntable." Here you go:

And as part of the video round, "The History of Film History," we showed you the last—and best—scene in the great, great Bonnie and Clyde. Yeah, they die.

But, there was one important element we didn't give away prematurely, and that was the nature of the audio-round gimmick, "Have You Been Paying Attention?" The artist or the title of each song was the answer to an earlier question, and when I sprung it on you, I had some gratifying "ahs" of understanding. Yeah, I was proud of that, but it was awfully interesting, forcing me to construct the entire quiz in a completely different way: Instead of looking through my files for interesting questions, I found myself looking for appropriate answers (and then making sure the questions were sufficiently interesting). I like my job.

Some semi-controversies:

—I asked "Which word meaning 'a sexually attractive young girl' retains its pronunciation and essential meaning with you add a pointless 'te' to the end of it?" I was looking for "nymphet," but plenty of folks said "coquet." I said no, because Webster's defines "coquet" ("coquette," really) as "a woman who endeavors without sincere affection to gain the attention and admiration of men." The same thing? Eh, maybe. I didn't go for it, though.

—For "The History of Film History," you had to ID the historically themed films, and place them in proper chronological order of when the events happened, from 300 to Three Kings. And a member of the Fantastic Fournicators had a point of order: "Do you mean when the film was set, or when the scene you showed us was set? Because Lawrence of Arabia has a framing device set after T.E. Lawrence is dead." Man, I love you guys.

Some great Smart-Ass Points too. Maybe the best—certainly the most juvenile—was in response to "What do these celebrities have in common: Mitt Romney, Darryl Strawberry, James Taylor, Liza Minnelli, Jack Kerouac, Ron Jeremy, and the guy who played Buckwheat?" Answer: "Huge penis." What do they know about Liza that I don't?

And the finale was full of familiar faces: returning champs Gerard Depardouche, Cash Cab for Cutie, and the supergroup combination of the Incontinental Strippers. Who won, of course.

The standings:
1. Incontinental Strippers: How are they going to split all the glory?
2. Cash Cab for Cutie
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. The Fantastic Fournicators
5. Touchdown Jesus and the Pizza Wreck
6. Oh Noah You Didn't
7. The Husky Trombones
8. Sugah Titz
9. Bollocks
10. Diddler on the Roof

And hey, thanks to our amazing panoply of sponsors tonight: the Duplass brothers' forthcoming dramedy Jeff, Who Lives at Home (got some leftover T-shirts for next time); the new issue of Nerd Nite: The Magazine; and the adorablicious Thumbs Cookies. We live for prizes.

NEXT: Well, we're back at M1-5 on April 9. Before then…good question. Stay tuned.

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