March 15, 2012

President Bush and the BQT

I tweeted about it, and it's true: Yesterday, we did a private event where our opening act was former President George W. Bush. Believe it: We're the evening entertainment for frequent client BASF, and the afternoon keynote speaker was Dubya. Eh, close enough. (I'm told he had some particularly trenchant golf tips.)

To answer your question, no, Bush did not play the BQT; I didn't even see the guy, didn't even notice any extra security. Still, we kept it clean politics-wise. When I told my father about this—and I absolutely promise you, no matter how much you didn't care for President Bush, my father cared for him less—his suggestion was, "Why don't you ask, 'Who was the worst President of the past 50 years?'" Sorry, Dad, but I felt it wise to stick with my usual crap about People's Sexiest Man Alive and mistranslated film quotes.

But to commemorate the occasion, how about a video round flashback to January 2009, with "A Fond Farewell to President Bush"? Fill in the ends of each of Dubya's notorious malapros. Whatever you think of Obama, isn't it nice that we can't make a game like this anymore?


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