January 20, 2012

We're hiring!

Who says there are no jobs out there?

Publicity/marketing manager
The Big Quiz Thing, LLC, is looking for a publicist/marketer to join our team, and help spread the word about the country's No. 1 live quiz show. The ideal candidate will have experience in event publicity, and be aggressive and creative about telling the BQT's story to the public nationwide. Will work part-time, handling three to four live events per month, collaborating with the rest of the BQT team. Please e-mail info[at]bigquizthing.com with your résumé and pay requirements. For more about the Big Quiz Thing, visit bigquizthing.com.

Sponsorship-sales manager

Staging multiple highly attended events every month in various cities, the Big Quiz Thing presents a tremendous and unique sponsorship opportunity. We’re now in search of someone with experience in event and corporate sponsorship sales to help the BQT develop and refine its sponsorship strategy, and to make the necessary connections with relevant organizations, in both New York City and elsewhere, on a part-time basis. E-mail info[at]bigquizthing.com with your résumé, cover letter, any questions you have, and pay requirements.

2012 is going to be/already is your year, I can feel it!