January 25, 2012

Sponsor spotlight: The Fifth Annual Panorama Challenge

This, my friends, is big. Literally and figuratively.

One of the few NYC quiz events that can hold a light-up buzzer to the Big Quiz Thing, the Queens Museum of Art's Panorama Challenge, presents its fifth annual edition on Friday, February 10, from 7 to 10pm. If you've never been to the QMA—okay, yeah, it's far, but come on, you have a MetroCard—one of the highlights of that storied institution is the Panorama of the City of New York: a 9,335-square-foot, disturbingly accurate scale model of all five boroughs, including tens of thousands of individual buildings. Maddening. Details and photos here; I had no idea Robert Moses oversaw its construction (man, that guy did it all, including dislike people who looked different from him).
The Panorama Challenge, organized by crackerjack tour-guide company Levys' Unique New York, is a team geography quiz centering on the Panorama and utilizing handy-dandy laser pointers. You'll be asked queries on streets, bridges, rivers, etc., etc., for the glory of having your name inscribed on this kick-ass trophy:

Plus, you automatically earn 100,000 free votes in the next mayoral election (need to check about that last one). Not to mention free beer, courtesy Brooklyn Brewery, and a gratis shuttle bus from the 7 train. Your excuses have run out, map nerds.

Official press info here. It's Friday, February 10, 7 to 10pm, at the Queens Museum. Admission is a mere $10, which includes a beer. However, if you score at this Monday's Big Quiz Thing (at Hill Country, 7:30pm), you just may pick up a free pass or two. How's that for the NYC geek universe collapsing in on itself?


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