January 9, 2012

Recap: Cruising for a quizzing

At tonight's fabulous Big Quiz Thing, we asked this question:

What’s the common description: Something that the average child begins doing at 12 months, and something that lots of men do in Christopher Street bars on Saturday nights?

(I noted that it is of the figureoutable persuasion. Here is your answer.)

This perturbed folks. Someone came up to me asked, "How exactly does a child cruise?" (I explained, using my years of child-rearing expertise.) Lots of people said, incorrectly, "crawling," and just now, BQT diehard Greg (of perennial contenders Strippers for Stephen Hawking) IMed me to say that he think "crawling" should count…though don't children start crawling a lot earlier? (Looks like yes.)

Lots of fun tonight, to start out the year in quizziness. Some great Smart-Ass Points, especially on that same question. The funniest wrong answers: "Having an oral fixation," "Eating solids," and—easily best of all—"Rejecting the breast." Bravo, comedians.

A note on the video puzzles, "Sports Logo-a-Go-Go": By far the toughest of the lot was this—
It's the Minnesota Lynx, and hardly anyone got it. But they're by no means an obscure team: They're the reigning Women's National Basketball Association champions. (Anyone? Anyone? [Crickets]) As for the audio round, "Okay, We'll Give You the Title"—that's what we did, playing the part of 20 songs that included the title, asking you only to name the artist—the hardest was this slice of early-'80s insanity:

The finale was interesting: After a kick-ass 2011, Incontinental New Year started the year strong, joined by Gerard Depardouche and the recently surging Hulk Hogan's Beefeaters (the name, apparently, because the team tonight was 30% British). Being a lifelong underdog myself, I was pulling for the Hulksters, but hey, fair is fair, and INY won it with this puzzler:

What three-letter abbreviation stands for an organization with a presence throughout NYC—when you reverse the order of the letters, you get an abbreviation seen on completely unrelated signs throughout NYC?

I mean, right?

The standings:
1. Incontinental New Year
2. Hulk Hogan's Beefeaters
3. Gerard Depardouche
4. Fantastic Fournicators
5. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
6. Ride the Santorum Wave
7. Oh Noah 2012 Edition
8. Sugah Titz
9. Cash Cab for Cutie
10. Jews Against Jesus

Big, big thanks for our sponsors: The Unemployed Philosophers Guild (gotta get that Theodore Roosevelt finger puppet) and Geek Treats. And of course, our fantastic venue, M1-5: I don't know what the number means, but it probably has something to do with delicious thin-crust pizza.

NEXT: Who knows? We'll let you know…


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