November 4, 2011

Next week: History, herstory, and everything in between

We've hyped it, and it's almost here: the BQT's first ever all-history quiz, at the very, very special venue of the gloriously reopened New-York Historical Society. Next Friday, 11/11 (sorry, no Spinal Tap questions), my favorite NYC museum debuts its fabulous refurbishment with a full day of major-league events, highlighted—of course—by the Big Quiz Thing, live in the venue's soaring library.

A few important notes: Though it is indeed a vital part of New York (or "New-York"—yes, the hyphen has a reason for being there, which perhaps you will learn at the quiz), this show will focus on much more than just NYC history, in line with the museum's nation-focused mission. I plan to encompass the widest possible swath of American history, which means—yes!—Presidents. Your beloved quizmaster's favorite topic, as made abundantly clear at our voting-booth-burning Presidents' Day show last February. I got a great question about Woodrow Wilson I'm just waiting to foist on you unsuspecting Doris Kearns Goodwin groupies. However, I will be essentially avoiding non-American history, to reflect the museum's own focus, and because USA! USA! USA!

Otherwise, expect the fun you know and love, though I will not yet disclose the themes of the video and audio puzzles (and that has nothing to do with how behind I am on preparation for this, no siree). And prizes—oh boy, prizes! The NYHS is kicking in quite the stash. The exact haul is unconfirmed, but some possibilities…

Family memberships to the NYHS: Bring the kids, the cousins, the pet monkey. Everyone wants to see a genuine Confederate Army marching drum.

NYHS tote bags: Never trust those maniacs at NPR.

Copies of When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green?: The NYHS's own trivia book. So it's like a trivia book cubed.

Museum store gift cards: You know how every time you walk through a museum gift shop, you want to buy, like, half the stuff there, but you don't because no damn museum is going to tell you what to do, so you just get like a magnet or a deck of cards or something? Well, imagine the joy of being free to actually purchase a book or a beach towel. I mean, right?

Gift cards for the new restaurant at the museum, from celbri-restaurateur Stephen Starr: There is a decent Ray's Pizza a few blocks from the museum, but come on, show a little class.

Plus, I'm going to throw in some general history books from the BQT stash. 'Cause I love you crazy kids.

It's Friday, November 11, at the special time of 8pm. The museum is on the corner of Central Park West and 77th Street (just across from some other museum that really doesn't matter), and more details are available right here. As the scholars say, those who forget the past are destined to not do well at a live quiz show. True dat.


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