October 3, 2011

Recap: It's what quiz happiness tastes like

Hey, thanks everybody for making the scene for our return engagement at our tastiest venue, Hill Country BBQ. What a fun space, what a great crowd, what delicious food…which I still haven't eaten at an actual show. (I'm working, dammit!)

Maybe he looks better chopped up

One of our better quizzes in some time; EDP, Bex and I felt really on our game. Challenging, too, though many, many of you were up for it. "TV Catchphrases: All Chopped Up" was brutally fast—ten catchphrases in 18 seconds!—and no one aced it (18 out of 20 was the best); I was surprised that "The tribe has spoken" was the most missed entry, but hey, maybe we're all better off if people have forgotten about Lord of the Flies: The Game Show. (Wait…it's still on?)

One specific Question

The audio round was "Can I Ask You One Single Question?": The titles of the songs formed a bonus question. That one took me a long time, and I'd been working on and off on it for years. (For a time, I could only make it to nine song titles, so I planned to tack on "Your Mother Should Know" by the Beatles to the end, ha ha.) But it worked, and a bunch of you even got the bonus question—yes, it's seven hours later in Istanbul (not Constantinople). Props to the Smart-Ass Point for interpreting the bonus question as "What's the wrong way to breathe when giants R in the country?" (Their answer: "All ways.")

Other quality Smart-Ass Points: The second-largest Great Lake is Ricki Lake. And the name of Jim Jones's Kool-Aid-drinking suicide cult was "Crystal Light of the Lord."

"What'cha gonna do, Kamala the Ugandan Headhunter?!?"

Finale time: To be honest, I was pulling for perpetual contestants but never winners Hulk Hogan's Heroes to make it in, seeing as how they were having a great night, and by gum, if Hulk Hogan can win the WWF/E title six times, these guys can claim victory at the Big Quiz Thing just once. But they missed third place by a mere point and a half. Thus it was returning champs Fantastic Fournicators (perfect 23 points in the audio round), Cash Cab for Cutie (likewise), and Sugah Titz, who haven't won in more than a year but were augmented tonight by free agent extraordinaire Jonathan Corbblah. Nobody knew which politician the new documentary Damn! is about, though Ronald Reagan and Herbert Hoover was amusing guesses. It's this dude:

It's all about the gloves

And nobody could ID the dessert makers who use the slogan "It's what happy tastes like"…though it's tricky, since the slogan doesn't even show on on the company's website (I saw it in an ad and laughed too hard not to write a question about it). Time out for a classic, creepy commercial…

But Steve of the Fournicators finally won on an appropriately nerdy question, identifying the company that developed the first handheld cellular phone. Winners:

The standings:
1. The Fantastic Fournicators: Twice in a row. And they're planning to stake their claim at the BQT at Comic Con
2. Cash Cab for Cutie/Sugah Titz (tie)
4. Hulk Hogan's Heroes
5. Incontinental Dateline
6. Oh Noah You Didn't
7. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
8. Fat Kids Stick to Your Ribs
9. Jews Against Jesus
10. Curiosity Killed the Cat but Conrad Murray Killed Michael Jackson

NEXT: Yep, we're at Comic Con, October 15. But the regular BQT continues in two weeks, Monday the 17th, back at M1-5. Then Halloween, we return to Hill Country for a spooky semi-spectacular. In the meantime, make it happen on Facebook and Twitter.


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