August 15, 2011

Recap: Mixin' in up

Did you notice it? The ever-so-mild theme to tonight's excellent, excellent Big Quiz Thing at Le Poisson Rouge? Both the video round and the audio round hinged on a shared-names conceit: "The Same-Name Movie-Music Mash-Up" featuring films and songs that have nothing in common other than their names (e.g., the picture above: Babe and "Babe"). And the audio round, "I Always Get Them Mixed Up," with artists who sound nothing alike yet get lumped together for their similar monikers (e.g., the Spring guys below). The Big Quiz Thing—performing a valuable service by helping you make sense of this confusing pop cultural world.
Thanks for coming out in droves to the show tonight—27 teams make for a party and a half, and Le Poisson Rouge is, as always, a honey of a venue. EDP and I love love love it there (it makes the show look awesome, wouldn't you say), and we continue to enjoy the talented assistance of the great Bex Schwartz. Some hot hot trivia tonight, including the science-o-riffic four-parter, "Chemical Formulas—Look Fast!," and the revelations that…

Donkey Kong was based on Popeye
Elizabeth Taylor's New York Times obituary was written by a dead man
—The Italians call James Bond "Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"
Summer of Sam is believed to be the all-time champ among English-language non-porno, non-documentary movies for use of the word fuck (though team Nacho Trophy invented and claimed a BQT title of "Most Instances of Fuck on an Answer Sheet"—34 is the number to beat, competitive potty-mouths)

As for Smart-Ass Points, it took you guys a while to get going, but once you did, the immature jokes were flying like poo in a monkey cage. Everyone's favorite: What band do I always mix up with Bananarama? "Orange You Glad I Didn't Say Bananarama." (The correct answer is the beyond awesomeness of this song:

Speaking of videos, I fulfilled a long-held dream tonight by asking a question about Underoos. When's the last time you saw one of these ads? (Better not watch if you're a pedophile)…

The finale was a total nerdfest, with gentlemen from Cash Cab for Cutie, the Fantastic Fournicators and returning victors WWE Incontinental Champions, sponsored by Cohen's Fashion Optical. As EDP rightly pointed out, you will not see this lineup at our forthcoming Ladies' Night, no sir (or ma'am).

Matt of the Inconties (coincidentally, today's Google-Proof Question winner as well) managed to give his squad two consecutive victories with his mad knowledge, but I must give credit to Master Steve of the Fournicators: The question was "Who’s the only Oscar winner who’s ever appeared in a Karate Kid movie?," and he said William Zabka—you know, Johnny the Leg-Sweeper. Everyone laughed, of course, but as Steve informed—er, reminded me, Zabka is indeed an Oscar nominee (as is Pat Morita, for playing Mr. Miyagi, in fact). So the guess was not entirely ridiculous. But it was wrong nonetheless, and Incontinental Matt buzzed in with the correct response, and there you are.

The standings:
1. WWE Incontinental Champions: You've seen their photos too many times here.
2. Cash Cab for Cutie
3. The Fantastic Fournicators
4. Gerard Depardouche
5. T-Paw Staffers 4 Hire: Rockin' a perfect score the first two rounds; it was very tight in the final scores, I must say.
6. Jefferson Davis Starship
7. Velociraptor
8. Romping Trollops
9. Sugah Titz/Quizzing Me Softly (tie)

Also props to the best/weirdest team name of the night: Beneath the Return of the Planet of Hulk Hogan's Statutory Apes. And special thanks to our sponsors: Fuerza Bruta, Live-In Theater, and—coming up Friday, September 9—the fourth annual Nerd Nite Nerdtacular.
NEXT: Ladies' Night is just 22 days away, Tuesday, September 6 at the fabulous Highline Ballroom. Cheap cheap for the women, still welcome for the men, tons of awesome trivia celebrated the XX-chromosome lifestyle, the return of DJ GB, bonus comedy from some of NYC's funniest females, great prizes, more more more. Details here, of course. After that, we return to M1-5 in Tribeca on Monday, September 19. Plus, we keep going in Boston and L.A.; check the calendar, and party on.


Matt said...

In addition to Zabka and Morita, Taraji P. Henson played the mom in the recent remake, and is an Oscar nominee (for "The Curious Case Of The Movie That Would Not End"). However, as Steve argued (and not without merit), "No Macchio, No Karate Kid!"

Anonymous said...

LPR is a great venue in every respect but two - volume is too high & only one screen means some contorting is necessary to see the clues.

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