August 2, 2011

Literally the top quiz blog

One of my recent projects (among too many others to list) has been to engage the wider world of quizzes a little more. I'm looking around, getting a better feel for the competition (as it were) and the trivia/quiz world in general, and as such, I recently came across this:, a handy-dandy blog roll of—you guess it, oh, you're so smart!—quiz blogs, from around the world. (The administrator is in India, in fact, where I'm told the quiz scene is more "business-oriented," which jibes with my experience running private quizzes for companies with a large Indian-employee contingent.)

And look at that, at the top of the list, the Big Quiz Thing! A-hey-hey-hey! Yeah, yeah, it is an alphabetical list, so I can't claim real dominance here, if you don't count the foresight not to name my company "Zing! Isn't This an Awesome Quiz!" (that really didn't take that much foresight, actually). Have at it, smarty-pants.