July 26, 2011

Recap: Quizzing in the rain

So did the rain drive everyone inside? Good. Because we had our biggest Boston-area crowd ever at last night's mondo-sized Big Quiz Thing at Oberon. Thirty-one spectacularly beautiful teams, escaping the downpour for some big-league trivia excitement. God bless you.
It was so crowded, one team had to literally position themselves on the stage (well, in the screen-obscured wings of the stage), but there was good cheer all around. "Three Degrees of Movies" was oodles of fun (e.g., clips from Singin' in the Rain/Rain Man/Man on the Moon), our "History of Musical Theater Via Bad Karaoke" audio round equaled loads of hilarity (the inebriated "Hey, Big Spender" might have been my favorite), and we had a whole mess of excellent Smart-Ass Points: Yes, the dessert pastry whose name is German for "whirlpool" is Hasselhoff, and it's nice to see everyone's dirty minds kicking into gear when they couldn't remember the double-rhyming name of a kids' movie from earlier this summer.

Also, I was disappointed to see that folks couldn't remember the name of the 1980s McDonald's hamburger that came with twice the packaging ('cause that's what the world needed), though they could remember its unnecessarily complicated concept. How about this?

So yes, 31 teams, but it all came down to the Three-Way Finale, where we had Quipso Facto (BQT Boston's winningest team), standbys the Monstrous Humanoids, and semi-newcomers Alfred Hitchcock, Suckers. Nobody knew that both the finalists in this months' Wimbledon Women's Singles Championships had last names ending in -ova, but Humanoid Jason won in an exciting finishing, stealing away Quipsoid Michael the preferred spelling of this instrument:

Your winners, complete with canine mascot:
The standings:
1. The Monstrous Humanoids
2. Alfred Hitchcock, Suckers/Quipso Facto (tie)
4. Just the Tips: The staff team!
5. Flying Monkeys
6. Honky Grandma Be Trippin'
7. Amy Winehouse Kicks Ass: Returning champions, alas
8. Pony No Bueno
9. Look at Your Life, Look at Your Choices/We Can't See the Screen/The Wu-Tang Clan U.K. (tie)

NEXT: We're back August 22, followed by September 12 (only three weeks later). Keep up, and join the conversation on Faceplace and Twicker. Onward!


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