April 5, 2011

Recap: The saga continues

Hola, your tired quizmaster here. Tonight's big, big Big Quiz Thing at Oberon in Harvard Square was my sixth completely unique event in ten days, including a ridiculous four-hour marathon in the back of a truck (I am so not kidding), so I'm ready for my cookie now. But first, a recap post.

Tonight was a great show. You people were a great audience. Oberon is a great club. The trivia was great, great, great, but I sort of knew that already. Nobody was caught cheating, so thankfully I didn't have to set loose my hordes of crazed giraffes…
…and we all had a great time. Thanks for appreciating the cleverness of the Pop Music Thesaurus (e.g., "My feelings are positive for exceptionally sized fleshy structures opposite the anterior of the hips. In addition, the ability to utter falsehoods is not mine to utilize.") and the Sounds of Sportiness audio round (who knew that competitive eating was so easy to identify by sound alone?).

Interesting side note: Tonight, I uttered from the stage the word factoid, and a contestant took me aside to tell me that the word refers to something that is, in fact, not a fact, but it is merely believed to be a fact. I didn't know that. My girl Merriam basically agrees, though she specifies that it's believed to be true because it's in print. And also, that it's since come to refer to something that may in fact be a fact (secondary definition), so we're both right. Isn't that nice?

Great Smart-Ass Points tonight. The TV series whose finale flashed ahead to the deaths of all the major characters was, uh, The Golden Girls. The shortest verse in the Bible reads "Jesus BLANK"—the BLANK being "Christ!" You get the idea. As I told you all, in New York the show begins at 7:30pm, at Boston it's 8pm. You folks get the late show, so we work a little more blue.

And the big finish. Just to get this out of the way: The "Quips" team (tonight playing as "We Quip Our Hair Back and Forth"—nice one) won—AGAIN—tonight, nearly unbeatable at the Boston edition of the Big Quiz Thing. The Quipper could name the entire Party slogan from 1984, and the world's most populous Spanish-speaking country, and that was just too much for their nemeses, the Kicks Ass team, not to mention perpetual third-placers the Monstrous Humanoids (rocking a perfect score two rounds in BTW). Your victors:

The standings:
1. We Quip Our Hair Back and Forth
2. Lou Gorman Kicks Ass!!
3. The Monstrous Humanoids
4. Ghost Bakery
5. The Shady Bunch
6. Show Us Your Tips! (the heinie-kicking staff team)/That's What She Said
8. Sweep the Leg
9. We Were Hoping for the Crazed Granny Attack/She's Like the Wind

Can anyone beat this team? Will it be you? Only one way to find out: We're back at Oberon on May 30, and every month on the last or second to last Monday thereafter (the calendar will fill you in). Always free, always with a $200 grand prize. See you then/there.