March 21, 2011

Recap: Really, Matt? Chad Michael Murray?

Ah, a cozy evening of live trivia excitement at Drom! A mere 16 teams, keeping it on the intimate tip. You're my favorite audience, you know you are.

But it was another great show, chock-full of fun and surprises, and plenty of Smart-Ass Points. (My favorite: The current Broadway show whose name cannot be mentioned on network TV? Spider-Man: We're Completely Fucked. Or maybe: The word paragon technically refers to a large, perfect specimen of what? A chicken.)

The video puzzle, "Hey! We're Censoring Books!," was beeptastic, even though nobody knew the technical name of U.S. Grant's greatest work. And thank you for the enthusiastic applause for the audio round gimmick, "Presenting, in Alphabetical Order…"—the title of the first song came alphabetically before the artist of the first song, which came alphabetically before the title of the second song, which came before the artist of the second song, etc. (Sorry, no songs or artists beginning with Q, T, U, V, Y, or Z.) As for the four-part questions, yes, I was definitely trying to expand your (and my) trivia horizons, with a floral spelling bee (good job with hydrangea) and NHL mascots (which—c'mon—even if you don't watch hockey, it was pretty damn figureoutable which mascot belonged to which team. I mean, Louie the Blue Polar Bear, think about it).

Speaking of expanding horizons, having geared last episode's buzzerlating Three-Way Finale to the geeks with the topic of Spider-Man, I did a 180 this time with "This Week's Issue of Us Weekly." And as predicted (and hoped), it brought out the ladies. First a quick third-place runoff with the eminently female Rachel Kramer Bussel (of Team! The Musical) taking on returning champs Strippers for Stephen Hawking rep Corey (a man, it should be said). RKB won by knowing cold Justin Bieber's scientifically accurate age (still not legal), and then she faced fellow female Sherry, of Jefferson Davis Starship, and Matt—most definitely male—of Incontinental Bar Association. (Ha, I'm just getting that now; Matt's team kicked ridiculous amounts of behind at our private BQT event for the NYC Bar Association last month.) And Matt just blew the ladies away: He accurately quoted Fergie on the topic of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, and he knew all about Chad Michael Murray recent forsaking of the "Michael." Really, Chad Michael Murray. Bravo.

And there were only three people on the team!

We gotta work out a better angle on these photos.

The standings:
1. Incontinental Bar Association
2. Jefferson Davis Starship/Team! The Musical (tie)
4. Strippers for Stephen Hawking
5. Gone Fission
6. Cash Cab for Cutie/Fantastic Fourincators (tie)
8. Sugah Titz
9. Newt's Gaymaster
10. Pizza & Sushi

Next: We're back at Drom in two weeks, April 4, followed by three weeks later, April 25. Plus, Boston is monthly now: Tuesday, April 5, then Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day). Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your mama.


Rachel said...

Thanks for such a fun night - being up on stage was nervewracking but exciting. Promise not to slam the buzzer so hard if I'm lucky enough to go up there again.

Rachel, US Weekly subscriber

Matt said...

I do feel shame for coming up with Chad Michael Murray so easily.

Of course, IBA's secret to success this time? Not completely botching the audio round, as is our typical pattern.

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