March 19, 2011

Prizes: A Taste of Home at Housing Works

Hoo-boy, a sweet prize Monday night. BQT devotee Rachel Fershleiser, of team Gerard Depardouche and bigwig at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, comes through again, ponying up some tickets to a major, major event next week.

Tuesday, March 29, Housing Works presents "A Taste of Home: A Chef Tasting Benefit and Party," hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli, a major, major chef on that ever-major hot-chef scene. She's executive chef at Butter and swank new supper club the Darby (which really should book the BQT for a special event), in addition to holding the Holy Grail status for a celebrity chef, being a Food Network personality (on Alex's Day Off, all about how she gets prime restaurant reservations by telling snooty maître d's that she's the Sausage King of Chicago), and she's got a bunch of Michelin stars to her name, and it ain't for making tires. Next week, she'll be talking and cooking for your enjoyment. Joining in will be other cool-kid cooks Brad Farmerie, Colleen Grapes, Luis Nieto, and Tessa Liebman. In other words, free food!

This is a $65 ticket, hungry people, but you can get in free if you score this Monday night, 7:30pm, at Drom. Or, if you'd rather not take your chances, click here to buy tix. Stay hungry, friends